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Radiator Cabinets
Choice of 3 styles, 9 grille designs, made to your exact size in high quality MDF, simple-to-assemble kit, paint to suit your decor.

Contemporary double radiator cabinet

Our radiator cabinets can be made to suit any situation from alcoves to bay windows and can provide that finishing touch to any scheme. Can also be used to cover storage heaters as well as pipework or meters.

Classic cabinet with pattern 7622 grille

As well as being decorative, the radiator cabinets can also improve heat circulation in the room thanks to the specially designed plinths and top vents. The standard clearances we recommend maintain the efficiency of your radiators.

Ethnic style cabinet with pattern 2172 grille

Each cabinet is manufactured to order, exactly to your size. The cabinets are made from sturdy MDF which will not crack or warp when subjected to heat and changes in temperature.
All the difficult carpentry tasks have been completed, all you need to do is to assemble your cabinet using the fixings provided, then paint in the colour of your choice.


Top: 30mm thick MDF

Cabinet: 18mm thick MDF

Grille: 6mm thick MDF

Skirting: 18mm x 155mm: torus moulded pattern for classic and ethnic styles, square edged for contemporary style.

The cabinets are held together with a combination of screws and bolt fixings which are all supplied. The front grille panel is fixed under the shelf board with magnetic catches for easy access to valves.
Step 1- Choose Style
Step 2- Choose number of Panels
Step 3- Choose Grille Pattern
Step 4- Measure your Radiator
Step 5- work out cabinet size
Step 6- look at Variations
Step 7- See cost charts

Painting and preparation

Is there any preparation to be done before painting a made-to-measure Cabinet ?

Most items will require very little preparation. Fill any small gaps with wood filler and gently sand any rough edges or excess glue using fine grade sandpaper. Remove any dust with a soft damp cloth. As with all woodwork, please make sure you wear a mask and work in a well-ventilated area.

What sort of paint should I use?

Any acrylic (water-based) paint will be fine for the top coat. You'll also need a base coat of primer which will make the top coat a truer shade and not affected by the colour of the natural MDF. The primer itself can be water-based, such as an emulsion paint or a proprietary acrylic primer. Apply the first coat thinly as you do not want paint to build up at the edges.

What's the best way to paint?

Using a spray can to paint a radiator grille  

With grilles and fretwork, it's best to use a spray paint rather than a brush. This covers the edges without excess paint building up on the front of the grilles. In addition, paint them separately from the rest of the unit if they're part of a radiator cabinet panel or a cupboard door. If you do use a brush rather than a spray, do all the edges of the holes first with a dabbing action and then finish brushing the face with long even strokes.

For solid areas, brushes and paint rollers work very well. Rather than one thick coat, you can get a better result from applying two or more thinner coats and rubbing down with fine sandpaper in between. In addition, we recommend painting both sides, which helps to prevent bowing as the paint dries out.

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