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How to Order

Delivery 2 to 3 weeks UK

Carriage 10.00 UK mainland

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Step 1: Choose Style

Classic Radiator Cabinet

Contemporary Radiator Cabinet

Ethnic Radiator Cabinet

Step 1- Choose Style
Step 2- Choose number of Panels
Step 3- Choose Grille Pattern
Step 4- Measure your Radiator
Step 5- Work out cabinet size
Step 6- Look at Variations
Step 7- See cost charts


Classic style bookcase and radiator cabinet


The original style of our best-selling radiator cabinet. The picture shows a Classic bookcase with a decorative arch, a two-panel radiator cabinet and a two-door cupboard unit mounted on the wall. The radiator cabinet and cupboard have been fitted to the right-hand wall by using our 'side fitting' option.


Contemporary radiator cover, cupboard and bookshelves


The Contemporary style uses clean, uncluttered lines for a modern effect. Use crisp, fresh colours and experiment with contrasting as well as matching themes: the two upright bookcases either side of the cupboard contrast with the deep colour of the back wall, while the radiator cabinet itself matches the window above it.


Classic style radiator cabinet and shelving


Here, a three-panel Jali radiator cabinet is used as a base for two Ethnic bookcases and a cupboard unit. We painted the units in a strong, vibrant red for warmth and chose brass grilles for an extra touch of luxury.

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